Crimson Dragon Tai Chi

Why practice Tai Chi?

Physical Health

Some of the exercises can be quite challenging and require strength and flexibility. Fortunately they’re also designed to enhance those attributes, you don’t need to be an athlete to have a go. It’s been my experience that you’ll find your muscle tone and balance improve through the practice of Tai Chi.


Moving meditation isn’t easy, it requires some concentration to get the movements and breathing right. In fact I’ve always found that it’s difficult to think about anything else, so for once you can escape the worries of everyday life and relax.

Self Defence

Tai Chi is a martial art specifically designed for those that aren’t into breaking bricks with their bare hands. It’s about deflecting force rather than meeting it head on, and this makes it ideal for self defence. Almost every movement has a martial application that can be used to get you out of trouble.

Learn Something New

You can never have too many skills, and learning new tricks keeps our lives and minds fresh and active.


Our classes are as much about the social gathering as the training. You won’t find a formal martial regime: no uniforms, respectful silences, or strict format.